View Full Version : SOMC Back up and running

02-24-2009, 07:54 PM
Hello gang,

sorry for the delay in not sening out the monthly email, but Xiek was on Holiday Feb 1-9, and then the site issues started. Which caused a lot of headache.

We are sorry for the lack of communication during this minor crisis, but we were not able to log into the ADMIN side of the site and communicate anything to you, the members.

We appreciate the patience and understanding during this time period.

There was an extra hidden character that the program that was being used could not see. So we had to try a different editor, and voila, found the hidden character. The big issue was that that specific file has not been modified in a few years, so why this issue just arose now, is dumbfounding.

Thanks to Paul for his hard work during this time, he IS the Tech GURU for SOMC. (and founder I might add)

So as much as people think that it was Sideways that caused the shutdown, cause he just hit 1000 posts... we can just blame him anyways.

Thanks again for the understanding,

come back and enjoy the site.