View Full Version : FINALLY - R53 JCW/R56 MCS brake pads

11-08-2007, 04:10 PM
Ok, so Hawk has announced that they will be making the 2002-2006 JCW brake pad, which is the exact same as the 2007+ MCS brake pad.

So, we will very soon have replacement pads to fit these cars. Hawk should have the first shipment ready to ship in the next 3 weeks or so.

They will initially be available in the HPS, Ceramic and HP+ compounds, and only in the fronts for now. The 2002-2006 JCW cars use the same rear pads as the normal MC/MCS, but I have not figured out if the 2007+ car does as well.

For a street car, HPS or Ceramic are a great option, with low dust (the Ceramics have lighter and lower dust), good modulation ability, and low noise. the HP+ will be a good pad for an autocross guy, or someone who wants to do the occasional lapping day. But, just be prepared for a bit of dust and noise.

Pricing is pretty reasonable, at around $100 per set of HPS or Ceramic pads, and the HP+s at around $118.00 for the set.

We will be ordering them in for stock, so if anyone needs, now is the time to think about them.