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09-25-2007, 10:21 PM
Well, I had a blast 15 Sept at the dunville track, thinking about going again. Small problem. My brakes squeak alot now and I\'ve noticed the disk is no longer smooth. They still work well and stop fast and smooth, but I\'ve been thinking I\'d like to get SS brake lines and put ATE brake fluid in. I figure while I\'m at it, why not replace the pads with better pads? I believe from what I\'ve read that the pre-07 JCW pads are the same as regular 07 Cooper S pads in terms of size, just a different compound. Anyone know if there are any aftermarket pads yet? I\'ve read that Hawk might have some, but I haven\'t seen any for myself. I found a place in the states that sells the JCW kit pads, front and rear for 230.00. Is this a good price considering the shipping I will have to pay? Or would it be better to hold out for some place in Canada? I have a brake grinder at work that I\'m going to resurface my rotors with, but if I\'m going to do that I want to find new pads. Thanks for any help/advice.


09-26-2007, 12:10 AM
So, I just compared a set of OEM R56 pads against the JCW R53 Pads. While the calipers are similar (perhaps the same minus the flashy paint job), the pads themselves are quite different. First off they are two different OEM suppliers, Jurid vs. Galfer. Second, while the backing plate templates will both fit the same caliper, the pad material on the JCW pads is substantially larger in surface area. Width is similar but depth is quite a bit deeper.

As of yet, there are no known aftermarket replacements that I know of. Carbotech MAY still be custom building JCW replacements. They ordered a bunch of blank backing plates and are affixing their own compound pads.

Another one I was told about was custom made pads done for Octane Motorsports racing team by GranSport Performance Brakes in Cornwall, ON.

Hope that helps.


09-27-2007, 10:33 PM
Well, I would like to comment, because I have been pushing Hawk to make this pad.

FMSI (the Brake pad organization) has assigned teh same pad number to the 2 pads. So, every aftermarket company will use the same pads for the 2 applications (R53 JCW and R56).

Our Hawk rep is in a trade show, so I cannot ask him again, but I know that Hawk will be making this pad. I just cannot say if they will be available within the next month or so. I just do not know how far along the R&D they are.

I have not asked Alain (from Octane), but the person who sells him pads (our customer), told me that he was NOT using JCW brakes. I will email Alain to see.

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