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09-01-2009, 02:19 PM
September: The End of Summer is upon us.

So...With that said and out of the way...the motoring season is not totally over yet and there are plenty of chances to get out and enjoy what the closing days of Summer 2009 has to offer. The CNE usually spells the last of the fun in the sun before back to school...but for us MINI owners we really know the end of the Motoring Season is in October with the running of the Fall RATTLER (look for more info on this even in the next few weeks) but I digress, September is chalked full of some of the best Motoring events of the year. Included this month are track days, car shows, and the number one rally on the calendar. There is something for everyone this month and SOMC will have a presence at it all!

>>Saturday, September 19th
The BMW Club of Western New York is once again inviting members from the SOMC to join them for a free lapping day at BATAVIA. This event is a great way to learn how your car handles in a controlled environment with qualified instructors. I did this for the first time last year and learned a lot about my MINI and myself. Unlike other lapping and track days, this event is totally free for MINI’s and BMW’s so if you are at all interested in seeing what you and your car are capable of feel free to join the convoy down to upstate New York for this fun and pressure free event.

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>>Sunday, September 6th
The day after Batavia there is a new addition to the MINI calendar. I am not sure if anyone has attended this show before (in a MINI or otherwise) but I found it while reading through an issue of “World-of-Wheels”. The Fun-on-Wheels car show is held in Kingstown and should be a fun day with Dash Plaques, Door Prizes, Auto Flea Market, and Cash Awards for the best of the best. It is held at the The Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village.

Full list of events and the CTMHV website is here:

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>>Septermber 12th-20th
Jim Kenzie is back for revenge at the 2009 TARGA Newfoundland. This time he is equipped with a 2009 MINI Challenge car fully customized with Rock Taming Equipment. Bouncing back from a DNF in 2008 after he flipped his MINI doing 160kms/hour on a corner called “leading tickles”, Kenzie doesn’t only mean business he has the weight of MINI’s 50th Birthday on his shoulders. There is going to be a large MINI 50 event in St. John’s prior to the running of the Targa, so if you have vacation time to spend I would suggest kissing the COD and Downing the Screech as only a Newfie can. This year, MINI has also donated a MINI to Big Brothers of Niagara Region, and a long term Big/Little match will be piloting and co-piloting the MINI in parts of the Targa!
All the info for Targa can be found on their website:

>>September 17th-20th
If you can’t make it down to Targa, then how about a trip around a great lake? Once again SOMC will hook up with the Michigan MINI Group for “MINI’s Great Lake Crossing IV” This is a great event that benefits “Make-a-Wish Foundation”. See some amazing scenery and enjoy the fact that you are motoring for a good cause.
Contact XIEK if you are interested in participating.

>>Sunday, September 20th
Are you a British Car Fanatic? If so this car show is for you! The Triumph Club of Toronto is proud to once again hold the annual Bronte British Car Day! This annual event regularly draws 1000+ British made Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles/Busses/Military Vehicles and the awe inspiring fly over by the last remaining flight worthy Lancaster Bomber. If you have never attended a British Car Day at Bronte, this event will blow your British-Car-Loving mind. Will our resident International MINI Celebrity (Christina Kroner) hold onto her 1st place crown at this year’s event? Be there to find out.

Print off a registration form here:

SOMC thread is here:
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As always, check out the meeting times and places for the monthly meets for Westenders...Eastenders...and the regular SOMC Monthly meet in the “MEETS” section of SOMC.

There are a number of Lapping days at tracks around the Province, check the autocross forum for dates, times, and costs of those. If you know of some lapping days that are not on the calendar, feel free to add them with the appropriate information.

Lastly...A great big heaping helping of thanks goes to Xiek for all of his work on behalf of SOMC at the “MINI TURNS 50” event that was held recently at Polson Pier in conjunction with the GTA MINI Retailers. With his extensive effort, SOMC was not only given a chance to participate, but played a role in making the event an overwhelming success. If you have pictures that you took that night, please share them with us...this was the largest gathering of MINI’s in Canadian History...well at least until next year ;)

Thread for pictures can be found here:
http://www.somc.on.ca/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=36&func=view &id=21281&catid=42

That’s it for now,
Happy Motoring!

We are now taking submissions for the 2010 SOMC Calendar. Please send those pics to xiek@somc.on.ca with subject “2010 Calendar”
The more pics we have to choose from, the better the selection of the pics for the calendar!! All submissions must be made by Sep 30th, 2009.