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02-09-2010, 12:51 AM
Happy February Everyone!

Wow...what a crazy few weeks it has been here in MINIville! We have seen the leaked images of the new Countryman...then literally a day later the whole press package with time frames and everything. I know I am eagerly awaiting this newest bundle of revs, as every time I read an article about it, the news just gets better and better. If you don’t know what I am talking about, surf on over to MOTORINGFILE.COM to catch up on the latest Countryman News. It is gonna be a tough choice between a new Coupester/Roadster – Gen 3 Hatch – JCW Countryman...I have never been one to wish my time away, but is it 2011 yet???

Before we get there though, the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter. What should we expect from a small furry obese slumbering forest creature who was enjoying life in hibernation before being ceremoniously and forcefully extracted from its home? If it was me...I’d be cranky and probably bite someone...but in reality...we get six more weeks of winter.

Although it hasn’t been a tough winter by any stretch of the imagination; which is good! In fact, it was brought to my attention that there is more salt on the ground right now then the amount of snow we have seen total. Go figure. (Special shoutout to those living in Bracebridge and surrounding areas...you get exempt from the following paragraph as you poor bastards are probably still digging out from early December)

As always, here is your Events Calendar for February 2010!

Want a free set of Anon Helix Snow Goggles? Find the Burton Demo tour trailer at a hill near you this winter. When there, grab a MINI passport and then follow the instructions. Burton Demo Tour Dates in February are: Feb 7th – Georgian Peaks / Feb 14th – Mt. St. Louie / Feb 21st – Dagmar

The Canadian International Auto Show runs from Feb 12th – Feb 21st. Drop by the MINI booth to see the Beachcomber SAV Concept. MINI has brought out a lot of Concept cars in the past few years, and the Beachcomber is one of the best. Google “Beachcomber” to see this amazing new concept for yourself.

The Olympic Games play out from Feb 12th – 28th. Cheer on Canada’s Olympians as we take on the World in Vancouver...not really a MINI event, but it’s not every day you get an Olympics in your own backyard!

As always, check out the forums for dates and times for the Westenders, Eastenders, and Monthly SOMC Meets. Should you have any questions please feel free to post them up.

That’s it for now, may all your roads be twisty and your traffic light!

Sideways & Xiek