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11-02-2010, 03:04 AM
When is the best time to put my winter tires on my cooper s? I have been told if they are on too early they will wear out fairly quick... has anyone put their winter tires on already?

11-02-2010, 10:51 AM
Well ALL SEASON tires are suppose to be for ALL SEASONS, however they loose there pliability (become harder) at temps below 5C. So many experts will say that when the weather conditions go below 5C on average that you should be running WINTER tires, that are designed not only for ice/snow but also to increase GRIP on the road when the conditions are below 5C. That is because they stay pliable and GRIP better at the lower temps.

Many wait till near the first snow fall, and then the dealers are flooded with change over requests. You are better to get them on a little early then late. As far as wearing them out quicker, well, would you rather have the BEST grip possible or save a few $$ to keep a set longer?

But it is a personal choice and timing, just be aware that in the coming weeks it will become harder to get them changed unless you have an appointment and even then you may wait longer than anticipated.

I know from experience on BOTH sides of the desk..LOL...

I just wish Ontario did as Quebec and mandate winter tires for everyone\'s safety.