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10-03-2007, 09:24 PM
2006 OEM MINI 3-Spoke Sport Steering wheel, superb condition, sans airbag, cover, or inserts (which you can find on ebay). $100 takes it):

Though usually expensive, airbags can often be found on ebay for cheap (click here) (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BMW-MINI-AIRBAG-FOR-THE-3-SPOKE-SPORTS-STEERING-WHEEL_W0QQitemZ110221088303QQihZ001QQcategoryZ1009 16QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem).

**SOLD** Ultra-high Performance Wheel/Tire Set. 17x7, Light-weight (16.9lbs) Matte Black Rota Slipstream Reps. with 215/40/17 Falken FK452 Ultra-High Performance Tires. Chrome Lugs included. Wheels are in immaculate condition with no dents, bends, scratches, or imbalances. Falken tires have approx 50-70% treadlife left and offer tremendous grip. Excellent setup for the aggressive street driver who does the occasional trackday. Will clear virtually any big brake kit!
$600 for the lot (wheels & tires, mounted, balanced)!

10-11-2007, 01:06 PM

I plan to attend the Rattler Cruise this Sunday October 14th, so if anyone is interested in seeing the wheels in person...:)

10-24-2007, 02:49 AM
Bump. Asking price for wheel/tire set lowered.

10-25-2007, 12:22 AM
Free bump for a great guy!

10-25-2007, 09:02 PM
RCCC wrote:

Free bump for a great guy!

Thanks RCCC! :cheer:

10-29-2007, 03:42 PM
Bumpity-bump! :P

The wheels are now off and my MINI is hibernating for the winter. I am willing to make a deal for those who are interested in acquiring them before winter!

11-01-2007, 12:25 AM
is this wheel have shift paddles ? could you give me the part # please?

11-01-2007, 09:20 AM
jp77 wrote:

is this wheel have shift paddles ? could you give me the part # please?

No, no shift paddles; but they can probably be retrofitted. The part number for the wheel, according to realoem.com, is 32306769733 (http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=RE33&mospid=48021&btnr=32_1496& hg=32&fg=35/). The part numbers for the left and right paddles, are 61316954012 and 61316954013 (http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=RE33&mospid=48021&btnr=32_1522& hg=32&fg=35/), respectively.

This one came off of my 2006 and it saw about 6 months\' use before being replaced by a JCW wheel. The multi-function buttons and airbag (including covers) were transferred to the JCW wheel.

11-08-2007, 06:42 PM
Weekly bump.


Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

11-14-2007, 04:09 AM
Bump. The wheels are now off the car, clean and wrapped, waiting to be picked up! Includes wheel caps and chrome lug nuts!

11-23-2007, 06:39 PM

I got the s lite rims & snow tires from phaedrus, put them on couple days ago and I\'m all good with the snow! It was awesome dealing with phaedrus, great price and he took care of his stuffs! Now someone please grab these rims!

12-06-2007, 02:01 AM

12-14-2007, 01:58 PM
Did you sell the rims and tires or the steering wheel?

12-14-2007, 03:10 PM
The steering wheel is still available. I\'ll try to correct the title.

02-04-2008, 01:48 AM
I\'ve received a few PMs inquiring about the steering wheel: yes, it is still available; no, the price hasn\'t changed!