View Full Version : Buy/Lease a MINI before December!

11-23-2011, 06:39 PM

I don\'t do this often. Actually never, from what I recall. However, I\'ve got a couple more MINIs that need homes by the end of this month, 7 more business days, and I\'m willing to sell my soul to do so. Well, not actually my soul, but close ;)

If you\'ve been on the fence about trading up to a new MINI. If your lease is \"almost done but not quite\". Don\'t think there\'s any value on your trade. Whatever. Let me know ASAP. I will make it TOTALLY worth your while! With the value in the 2012 Knightsbridge MINIs right now along with their LOW lease and finance rate there are some really awesome deals to be had.

So seriously, if you, your brother, his wife, his wife\'s friend\'s neighbour, whomever, has ever been thinking about a MINI please let me know asap. PM is best.

This post is history after the 30th.

Cheers all!