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11-24-2011, 12:57 PM
I have an \'05 cooper S with a small rust/bubble spot coming out on the hatch of my car. I want to take care of this before the winter and salt...in looking around for the best body shop, someone told me that all minis \'04 and newer have a 12 year body warranty? Is this true? Thanks for your help.

11-24-2011, 01:53 PM
Quoting Jason here...

MINI_VaughanWest wrote:

We have repaired MINIs under the Rust Perforation Warranty on several occasions without issue. One thing to consider is this. Pre-04 MINIs did not have as long of a rust warranty as 04+ models.

Second, there is a difference between rust and perforation. If there is rust present but it originates on the surface then generaly it is not covered. Think of a stone chip that is not tended to, which exposes steel to the elements. Rust will form on the surface and continue to erode the area. Perforation on the other hand referes to a defect either in the painting process or another defect that allows water to erode the steel structure beneath the painted surface. Basically the steel rusts from the inside out. Usually this is evidenced through rust bubbles.

02 and 03 Model Year MINIs have a Limted Rust Perforation Warranty for 6 years while, in 2004, all 04+ Model Year MINIs received a 12 Year Limted Rust Perforation Warranty.

Lastly, the rust warranty approval process is not based on a judgement call by the individual retailer. Instead, each instance is photographed, detailed and quoted for repair and then submitted to MINI Canada\'s Warranty Claims Office for the final consideration and approval.


Hope it\'s of help...