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10-05-2007, 06:53 PM
Wanted to give you all a rundown on what\'s new with MINI Vaughan West coming in to the winter months.

All kinds of things are happening over here from sales to service to parts.

First off, the new MINI Fall/Winter Collection Brochure has arrived, and with it, a bunch of new apparel and accessories! Aside from the cool new products introduced in my previous announcement there is a whole bunch of new clothing including shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves... and even new MINI shoes made by Onitsuka Tiger! There\'s also a new MINI Clubman collection that includes new MINI handbags and more.

Next, there is the MINI Winter 2007/2008 Flyer. If you don\'t receive one in the mail you can grab one off me here. In it you will find details on our new MINI Winter Tire Packages that I\'ll detail in a separate announcement, and other assorted winter accessories and apparel. One particularly good deal is the MINI Roof Box. If you\'ve contemplated this item before then now is the time to act. This item is on sale until December 31, 2007 for only $381.50! That\'s $170 OFF!! Consider also that this same item was over $750 at this time last year and you can see how great a deal this is. Stock is limited though. Last but certainly not least with the flyer is there is an attached 15% Savings Coupon that can be redeemed against any purchase of Original MINI Accessories or Gear before the end of the year!

Moving on... the really cool MINI Portable Navigation System has finally arrived in Canada! There are two different versions available for fitment on either the 2007 R56 or for the R50/52/53 models. The Nav unit is made by Garmin and is essentially a Nuvi 360 that has been customized for MINI with exclusive icons and graphics as well as pre loaded locations of all MINI locations in North America. The biggest exclusive feature of the MINI version though is the mounting system. No suction cups here. MINI has engineered a custom mounting bracket located to the left of the steering column within easy reah and view of the driver. The mount is also hardwired to your MINI to provide constant recharging power while the navi unit is inserted.

Other features of the Navigation unit itself include the ability to customize your MINI Vehicle Icon, MP3 Playback, Stereo/Line Out Jack, Picture Show capability and BLUETOOTH! That\'s right, with a compatible bluetooth phone you can utilize the Navi system to make handsfree calls via it\'s microphone and speaker, it even accesses your contact list!

Pricing on the system is only $729.50. Considering the Nuvi 360 at Future Shop is selling for $699.99 the extra $30 for a custom MINI mounting system and exclusive software customization is a hell of a deal! For those of you who may have already bought a Nuvi 360 the mounting bracket, hardware and wiring harness are available separately for $175.00.

Finally, we are also now offering a Package Price from only $799.99 for parts and installation of the new 2007 R56 Driving Lights. This includes the lights in either Black or Chrome, a new front grill to accommodate the brackets, wiring harness and new interior dashboard panel with switch... and, of couse, expert installation! These new lights are awesome. They are larger and better engineered than the outgoing model with brackets mounting directly to the frame to minimize vibration. They\'ve even embossed the MINI Wings logo directly into the glass on the lenses. Very slick.

As always, if you have any questions regarding anything to do with parts, accessories or otherwise... with regards to you MINI of course, don\'t hesitate to give me a shout via PM, email, phone or simply drop by.

Cheers and happy motoring!