View Full Version : R56 JCW Finally!

10-10-2007, 06:44 PM
For all you R56 Cooper S drivers, we are happy to announce that details, pricing and availability of the brand new, dealer installed JCW Kit for 2007 or newer R56 Cooper S MINIs has arrived!

Without further adieu, the best thing I can tell you about the new package is that it\'s only $2342.50! What\'s more is that install is estimated at only 2 hours!

Now on to the details...

The JCW package includes a new air intake system, exhaust system and VIN-specific Engine Management Software as well as JCW badging.

Horsepower is specced at 192 hp with torque at 185 lb-lbs between 1750 and 5000 RPM, with peaks at 200 ft-lbs during overboost!

Only 192 hp?? But last year\'s JCW put out 210 hp. Yes, but torque is your friend. BMW North America tested the new R56 JCW againt the outgoing R53 JCW and the following data was compiled.

0-60 mph............... R56 = 6.5s ..... R53 = 6.5s
50-75 mph (4th gear)... R56 = 5.3s ..... R53 = 6.4s
50-75 mph (5th gear)... R56 = 6.6s ..... R53 = 6.7s
50-75 mph (6th gear)... R56 = 7.6s ..... R53 = 8.9s

You can also further enhance your JCW experience with many other available JCW accessories including the R56 JCW Suspension Package with new sway bars, springs and struts, complete JCW Body Kit as well as many other interior, exterior and performance oriented products.

Finally, we are are accepting pre-orders for the JCW Engine Package now with delivery expected within the next week to two weeks!

Come by for a test flight! We have pre-ordered and will be installing the complete JCW Engine and Suspension Packages on a demo car for your evaluation, along with other assorted MINI Accessories and the new MINI Garmin Portable Naigation Unit!

If you have any questions please don\'t hesitate to PM, Email or call me at 905-663-8041.