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    Hey James Im pretty sure its the radio I took one of the mid range speakers out and hooked it up to my stereo and it worked. Funny thing that both the mids are not working but the tweeters do. I was thinking of putting an after market in but that means a lot more expense and right now with my sons wedding coming up in Aug I really don't have a lot of extra cash hahah. Also had to replace my rad fan I installed a pusher fan on the front of the rad. Anyways whats up
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    Hey James question I love taking the back way to Niagara on the lake from Kitchener here on hiway 81. I went down on family day and was going to go over to Port Delhousie but missed the turn any idea what road I should be looking for. I use to live in Chippawa and loved touring along the parkway to NOTL but this time I ended up in down town St. kitts I figure you live in Winnoa and should know can you help me out.
    Thanks Bill
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    Hi James, Evan E. recommended I reach out to you for some help. About a month ago my baby got sick... I have a 2003 cooper s, and oil was mixing into my coolant system. I took on the task myself to open the engine up and replace the head gasket. I took the head to a shop to be cleared of any issues, and it was cleared. Put it all back together and the problem still existed unfortunately. So i replaced the oil cooler attached to the oil filter housing which had a big leak. After all this the oil was still making its way into the coolant system. I fear the worst and was hoping you could be of assistance. I was wondering if you could make time to come take a look at the car, as i would reimburse you for gas and time, to find out what the next step would be. I also hear you might have an extra R53 engine, if it comes to that.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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