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Thread: AirBag/Seat Belt light related repairs.

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    Re:AirBag/Seat Belt light related repairs.

    wow... thanks for going to that extent. i have the same issue i was arguing with town and country Markham to get it fix but that didnít go anywhere, so i drove my car for at least a year with my airbag lights on.

    Then i was going through NAM website and got some info. i bought this reset module in eBay for $50 and it worth it. so for the past few month, their is no light on my dashboard, however once in awhile when light come up i have to reset it, and yes its the harness underneath the seat, did little inspection and notice i have to unplugged the 4 plugs underneath and plugged it back it and do a reset, so somehow it has something to do with it. so i suggest get your self a reset module device and do it your self instead of going to the dealer where they charge you $95 just to do a airbag reset.

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    Re: AirBag/Seat Belt light related repairs.

    I recall this issue and as far as I know they called back all faulty units, so my trust is them is mostly restored.
    Alexandra from Cargolution

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