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    Countryman Armrest

    So, what is the best price i can buy a retro-fit armrest for an R60 Countryman?
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    Re: Countryman Armrest

    Appears the best price is to go to Moss in the USA and order one of theirs at $65. Fit was easy and excellent so i bought two. Colour was a near perfect match for the seats.

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    Re: Countryman Armrest

    pics or it didn't happen

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    Re: Countryman Armrest

    Quote Originally Posted by mancaver View Post
    pics or it didn't happen
    Bought these ones from Moss Motors when they cleaned out their stock. They're the same ones as on eBay but they've gotten a bit more expensive now. There was a new listing on eBay though for ones that looked much more like the OE ones and they were being sold out of London Ontario. I had posted the link in the For Sale section earlier. Here's a direct link to the eBay ad for the OE style ones. The OE style units are less $$.
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