Over the winter, I have been looking in to the options available for the Cooper S R53 (1st Gen)
Ive made calls an e-mails to a number of different places all over Canada, checked through some of the convos on here and am left thinking 2 things in particular.
1. Some general information on the side is outdated as some of the places that had carried parts for the 1st gens no longer does. Updating some decent places that can get in hard to find aftermarket parts could be a good idea for those that want to avoid ordering from the US where possible.

2. I might be missing the link (Im new to the site) but there isn't a links section that is a nice quick easy to find option that doesn't send us to out of date, or irrelevant mod shops etc.

This all came about when I started looking into a Monster CAI/ cowl kit, and even Monster's own website was out of date on their links. When they finally replied my e mail ( 2 weeks later) the prez informed me that they don't have a dealer in Canada (Their links say otherwise) and was a complete pain to deal with to boot.

If anyone out there might know a good place locally that deals with companies like


Or any other brands that you might think are better quality....maybe its time for a 2014 update?