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Thread: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

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    Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    Over the winter, I have been looking in to the options available for the Cooper S R53 (1st Gen)
    Ive made calls an e-mails to a number of different places all over Canada, checked through some of the convos on here and am left thinking 2 things in particular.
    1. Some general information on the side is outdated as some of the places that had carried parts for the 1st gens no longer does. Updating some decent places that can get in hard to find aftermarket parts could be a good idea for those that want to avoid ordering from the US where possible.

    2. I might be missing the link (Im new to the site) but there isn't a links section that is a nice quick easy to find option that doesn't send us to out of date, or irrelevant mod shops etc.

    This all came about when I started looking into a Monster CAI/ cowl kit, and even Monster's own website was out of date on their links. When they finally replied my e mail ( 2 weeks later) the prez informed me that they don't have a dealer in Canada (Their links say otherwise) and was a complete pain to deal with to boot.

    If anyone out there might know a good place locally that deals with companies like


    Or any other brands that you might think are better quality....maybe its time for a 2014 update?

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    Re: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    Can you link the sections you are talking about and I will go about updating them or removing and replacing them while I am on vacation.

    As for why there are so few vendors. Volumes are so low that we just don't have any specialty mini shops in the GTA (or Canada in general) so unless you're looking at a dealer who has agreements with a 3rd party vendor or a shop like TechMax where they can get mostly anything (but it will cost you). Also, since the US dollar did a faceplant in 2008 you can't even get 3rd party MINI parts from Japan or the Eurozone since few of the US importers are willing to put the money down on parts that might take a few years to sell in a decade that has been punctuated by wild swings in currency value. This means that you are stuck going direct, which is OK since many vendors are now offering up thier parts directly over the internet.

    It's rough, but that's just one of the major drawbacks of driving a small volume car.

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    Re: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    Links Im talking about are just dealers, mod shops, or stores mentioned in older posts.
    Some examples would be certain parts/brands carried at these places (Coopersport is listed as a Canadian Mini Madness Dealer - which it is not for example)

    You carry a good point as to why its so difficult to find anything at a reasonable price/selection. One big concern Ive found is when you get a quote from a US manufacturer at an 'all in' price including duties and get stuck with the extra cost when it arrives at your door. Any way to get around that?

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    Re: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    What I did, and Rallye is who put me on to it, is sign up with us address inc which is a place literally just over the border at queenston Lewiston. You use their address to ship and they hold your package for $5 a week. Just did my first run and it was seamless.

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    Re: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    Another option, right across the Rainbow Bridge is CBI-USA. I use them all the time. They charge by the package ($2-6/box depending on your subscription) and allow a 90 day hold for order consolidations.

    Automotive parts for your own vehicles are duty free. The post/shipping systems don't recognize that, so you may get ding'ed for that charge, as well as handling fees.
    When I pick up my purchases at CBI, I declare them at the border, and go in and pay my HST. It's worked out great and I've saved quite a bit of money doing it this way. Just don't forget that the Rainbow bridge is a toll bridge.

    Also, you may find the SOMC Google map useful:
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    Re: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    Can someone point me to government website that states "automotive parts for your own vehicle are duty free" I just need solid confirmation because with my luck I would be the guy holding the line up for an hour at the border.



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    Re: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    Last time I checked that was only true for used parts and parts made in the USA or Mexico.

    All other parts are subject to 6% duty and may be subject to additional levies depending on the country (Italy, India, China, etc).
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    Re: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    It's good to be cautious, and not believe everything you read...
    Having said that, I've bought well over $7000 in parts over the years and I've never found country of manufacture to be an issue (not to say it's not there - just that the dozens of border guards have never made an issue to this point).

    Since I started doing this years ago, I have no idea where I found out about it. The other problem is I just threw out my receipt from my purchase/pickup last week that show's the official category.

    But some quick googling found this reference:
    also cross verified with:

    Down in Category 4; search the page for Auto. 0% Duty (and total of 13% tax)
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    Re: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    Jamez,I read cat 4 as 5% plus hst on all items in 4,also the us address office on hwy 31 is the closest if coming from the
    gta and each bridge has a toll,but you can buy an easy pass at I think min of 20$ which acts like an account you just flash the pass at the toll booth no need for change and you save I think 50 cents off the regular rate

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    Re: Mod Dealers in the area - Update for 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by r52 View Post
    Jamez,I read cat 4 as 5% plus hst on all items in 4
    To clarify; U.S. Duty (Tariff) is the first column 0%, the second is 8% (other) and the third is the "pst" 5%* but really HST at 13%

    All of the parts I have purchased have been from Outmotoring, Pelican and other normal vendors in the USA. I don't know if the duty's have already been collected (and integrated into their sale price) by the U.S. resellers, but I've only ever paid 13% total taxes.

    I've done this probably 6-7 times now over the past 2 years (with thousands of dollars in parts, and the last time was January 8th). I brought my online receipts every time. They specifically ask if the parts are for my own vehicles. I submit my receipts to the officers and to the officers in the office. They fill out their forms based on the USD sale price + shipping, convert it to CDN and add 13% CAD. I normally go on a Wednesday morning and the entire declaration and payment process has taken no more than 15 minutes (with an average of 5 minutes).

    It's crazy to think that I can go to Pelican, they resell an OEM part from a dealer (in SoCal), ship it to Buffalo, I pick up and pay for the tax and it's still cheaper than buying it from the dealers in Ontario.

    I can leave my house in Stoney Creek, go to CBI, declare and pay my taxes and be home in 60 minutes flat (on a Wednesday morning).
    [Blue Ranchu] ~ 06 JCW R53 CE #13 of 64
    Jean Grey ~ 06 JCW R53
    Olivia ~ 05 JCW R53
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