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Thread: Looking for a good Cargo Mat

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    Question Looking for a good Cargo Mat

    I am looking for a good cargo mat that will cover the sides, and all of the carpeting when seats are pulled down on my F56.

    I find that the OEM stuff looks great but doesn't offer the protection on the sides incase I put anything bulky. I also want to be able to have a dog in the back while keeping it's furryness inside that mat as apposed to sticking to the sides and anywhere else.

    Does anyone have a good quality mat for sale I can take a look at?
    Are there any recommendations for canadian sites where I can buy a good cargo mat?

    I found this which seems to be exactly what I'm looking for: but it's in the US and the pricetag usually comes with duty fees.

    Open to other suggestions on products you guys may be more familiar with.

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    Re: Looking for a good Cargo Mat

    you might want to check with Tata Steve, he had an OEM one for his Clubbie, that he was trying to sell. Who knows it might fit a F56,

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    Re: Looking for a good Cargo Mat

    Hey! Looking for a cargo mat too. Could you please recommend a shop?

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    Re: Looking for a good Cargo Mat

    This is an old thread. I assume nobody's watching it anymore.

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