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Thread: MINI Mod Day 2

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    MINI Mod Day 2

    The return of the coveted MINI Mod Day is a possibility and on the horizon - but in a much smaller scale. Pencil in June 3rd, however the date and time may change as things develop. With luck, I can pull it together. Anyone who knows me, knows I can put together a decent event.

    Unfortunately it won't be as "full featured" as the first Mod day, but it's a chance for what I think could be 6 cars being worked on at the same time.

    I'm working out having a 1300 sqft hanger available for us to use, unfortunately it is being built at the moment and it may be towards the end of May before we can get the space.

    Like the first Mod Day, I'd like to have helpers on hand to help the folks who wanted to work on their cars. The helpers will have a reduced entry fee

    So zip over to the facebook page and send us your thoughts and interest and I'll work to make this happen:

    Assuming we have a good level of interest, we'll have a great day. If things go well and people want this to happen more, I can replicate it with what we learn from this run.

    Saturday June 3rd 9am-6pm
    684 Mud St E, Stoney Creek, ON L8J 3C9

    Things to note:
    - $30 per person (I have to cover some costs involved, but the numbers are not set yet, it may go up/down)
    - Pizza and water will be avaiable
    - 6 car max being worked on at one time. A schedule of projects will be developed depending on interest
    - 15kph entry speed and specific path to the hanger will be strictly enforced - it is an operational airport
    - Parking outside the hanger for guests
    - Water, Bathrooms and wash up may be limited (I'm working on that)
    - Power will be limited to a few 15A circuits, but at least 1 compressor will be on hand (though cordless tools are so powerful now who needs it?)
    - My portable lift will be there, but project cars should bring their own jacks and jack stands
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    Re: MINI Mod Day 2

    Having participated the the first mod day (2 MINIs ago for me) all my can say is that it was great fun, even though I had nothing to do but wash my car. I came with my adult son (a bit of a car nut) and the two of us helped with suspension upgrades, tire swaps and general fix ups. The day was a blast! Everyone got an opportunity to learn about their cars and compare models and upgrades.

    If there is time a twilight cruise might be a great addition to the day. I have pencilled in the date and unless work (yup I work weekends) gets in the way I'll be there.


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    Re: MINI Mod Day 2

    Bump for interest.
    We're moving forward with the event. Things are much more updated on the FB post.

    I'll post more here when I can
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    Re: MINI Mod Day 2

    The event is a go.
    I have a hanger available.

    Friend me on Facebook to get access to the most recent updates

    Event Fees paid in cash at time of arrival
    $30/project car owner
    $20/per person for everyone else

    Follow the map directions posted below
    - it is critical to maintain 15kph speed limit and drive the highlighted path as it is an airport
    - the driveways are not all paved. Expect dirt/mud and gravel
    - some areas are under construction, picking up a tire puncture is possible and at your own risk
    - there are numerous and large potholes. Be cautious of them

    Any injuries are your own fault and responsibility. Hospitals are 20-30 mins away.
    **Things to note**
    Bring a chair
    There is no internet at the hanger
    - download any videos you need ahead of time, or stream it from your cellphone

    Electricity is at a premium
    - only one 15A circuit
    - charge your tool batteries ahead of time

    Washrooms onsite are closed
    - 4min drive to Tim Hortons
    - use gloves and waterless had cleaner

    Bottled water will be available
    Refrigerator, microwave and toaster-oven are available if needed.

    Pizza Pizza will be ordered for lunch, alert me immediately of any allergies or needs
    **Project Car Owners**
    Repair "bays" are available on a first come basis - refer to the earlier tracking comment.

    It is your responsibility to research your car project(s), have all the torque ratings documented and bring the necessary tools - or ask us ahead of time to make sure we have them.
    Helpers are there to assist or teach you, but it is your responsibility to lead the work.
    You proceed with working on your car at your own risk. Any helpers that help you with your car will make all possible efforts to be careful and not break anything, but as with any repair - *@$%*@$%*@$%*@$% happens, and you will accept any breaks or damages. You may leave your car in my hanger, and take one of mine as a loaner if needed.
    **After the event**
    No Cruise or dinner has been planed for the evening yet, I will leave that up to Evan, Richard and Troy to discuss or develop.
    June 3rd is also "Battle Weekend" in Stoney Creek. It's is a commemoration of defeating the Americans during the war of 1812. There will be a period musket and canon reenactment and a Fireworks display that evening. It's a nice show if you want to see it. The fireworks may also be able to be seen from another local spot "the devil's punchbowl"
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    Re: MINI Mod Day 2

    last chance bump.
    if you want to go, and can't see Facebook, let me know. Otherwise, no need to update this page until after the event
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