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Thread: Throttle Body code P1125

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    Throttle Body code P1125

    Hello everyone, just a question of what exactly could be reason for code P1125. I have a 2006 R53 bought last Nov with 142 k's now has 155k's. I installed a Alta cai couple weeks ago and car has been great! Took a trip to Toronto from Niag Falls yesterday and made it to Spadina when it went to limp mode. Waited then drove to Azores on College St to get checked since they were kind enough to do so at no charge. Was told that code P1125 meant throttle body issue. Decided to drive car back to Falls to mechanic today and made it back to Hamilton when it quit. Let it sit for 10 mins then resumed to Falls. My mechanic isn't sure if he has proper diagnostic equip. Also seeing it could be either TB or engine harness or is there just a loose connection from cai install? Any advice to pinpoint issue?

    Thanks for help Hans06Mini
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    Re: Throttle Body code P1125

    I believe that is a Common problem. And that you should change the harness for the throttlebody with it.

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    Re: Throttle Body code P1125

    Sooo you're saying to replace both harness and TB?

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    Re: Throttle Body code P1125

    I'm saying that's a possibility. Not saying that that is what you need. Need to diagnose your issue. There are also issues with the throttle position which I think is integrated with the accelerator pedal assembly.

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    Re: Throttle Body code P1125

    Pull the Intake off at the level of the TB.
    Turn the key on and the Throttle plate should cycle open then closed and it should move when you depress the throttle in the car...If not replace the the TB.
    There are just plastic gears in the TB and they go bad...common to BMW as well (common part to many brands).
    Not heard of needing to replace the harness. BTW the TB's are bloody expensive...just replaced mine!!

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    Re: Throttle Body code P1125

    I thought on the R53 there was a TSB to do the harness with the TB.

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    Re: Throttle Body code P1125

    Thanks for the Info 1qwkmini. my mechanic is replacing the TB. got one for $350ish. Let you know how it goes.

    Got email from mechanic and had this note in it.

    Findings: Short test revealed fault in DME module, Y6390 throttle valve, the voltage signal is implausible.

    Hope that means bad TB.
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    Re: Throttle Body code P1125

    Does TSB mean a tech bulletin?

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    Re: Throttle Body code P1125

    Technical service bulletin

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    Re: Throttle Body code P1125

    Just an update Xiek and 1quickmin; had the throttlebody replaced by Daniel at German Automotive in Niagara Falls. $550 parts and labour! All seems good so far. Drove car to Bowmanville and back on Sun with no probs. Thanks again and let me know if you're ever in the neighbourhood!!

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